Why Can’t I Rank Up My SEO Ranking?

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Getting a high rank for your website isn’t as easy as some people expect it to be. There are so many factors, some of which change every few days or weeks, that we can hardly keep up.

Sometimes, it may seem that your rank isn’t improving at all. There are plenty of reasons why this could happen, so I’ll stick to the most likely ones. But before that, you may consider saving yourself the trouble and consult an SEO agency too.

Google Blacklisted Your Website

If Google has decided, either through a web crawler or a manual check, that your website is doing anything shady or potentially illegal, you will get a blacklist mark on your website. If you can see a banner somewhere on your website, alerting you to the blacklist, click on it and follow the instructions to remove the problem.

If you don’t see a banner, you still may have been blacklisted by a web crawler. You’ll notice this if most of your web pages suddenly stopped receiving most of their traffic all at once. Perform maintenance and optimization checks to your website to locate the error.

Your Strategy Lacks a Target Audience Factor

If you’re not aiming for your target audience when you create content, it is unlikely that those who find your website will actually be interested in your products and/or services.

It is important that you determine your target audience and incorporate that into your strategy long before your business has even started. Without a target audience, your chances of catching the attention of someone who is likely to actually purchase something is very slim.

If you have multiple target audiences across multiple languages, it is also important to optimize for different languages.

Your Old Content Was Never Updated

You may think that you should just keep belching up new content as often as you can. While it is good to post something new on a scheduled basis, you also need to go back over your old content and update it. You may need to remove and add keywords or even rewrite the whole piece altogether.

Whatever the reason for your inability to rank, you must isolate it quickly and correct it. Your business won’t go anywhere until you do!

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